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Mens Aviator Sunglasses Black: Cheap Sunglasses For Guys: Stay . Pitch X Jack Yaoi Fanfiction . You are here. Home » What's on ? » Pitch X Jack Yaoi Fanfiction ... Rise of the Guardians Fanfic List - 'You Gotta Love...' Zastruga - (by Solemini) — Jack Frost has spent three hundred years in the care of Pitch Black, hidden away from a world that neither sees nor wants him. What happens, then, when Pitch finally brings him out of the darkness for a shot at the legendary Guardians? AU Fic, canon divergence, etc. "Daddy" (Jack Frost/Pitch) (4/28) - VAPORWAVE BABY

The end of Rotg movie, Jack follows after the nightmares and converses with Pitch where they slowly fall in love. Unbeta'ed let me know now what you all think. This is my first fanfic so criticism is welcome! Light smut so if you don't like even a hint of Boy x Boy TURN AWAY NOW! One-shot but may do this from Pitches view not sure yet.

A collection of some of the best fan fictions pertaining to Rise of the Guardians. I will constantly be searching for them. Inside are some of the more well written fics that tell a heart warming story in the tradition of the movie itself. Black Ice - Jack/Pitch All posts must be on topic. A post must focus on the relationship between Jack Frost and Pitch Black. Any posts containing off topic content will be removed. Gen, het, and slash are welcome as long as the posts are about the relationship between Jack and Pitch. All types of fanworks are allowed: fiction, art, videos, graphics, meta, etc.

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Jun 4, 2015 ... The Ballad of Jack Frost and Pitch Black. By: VanillaSpiders. Due to his lack of power, Pitch shrinks to about the size of a pencil, give or take.

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sunkissedvampire | FanFiction Hello my friend, my name is Emily. I like to think that I am a strange person who has their own style…but that’s just my opinion. Myra109 | FanFiction Myra109 is a fanfiction author that has written 185 stories for Harry Potter, Outsiders, Misc. Books, Descendants, 2015, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Kane Chronicles, Haunting Hour, Full House, Law and Order: SVU, Hocus Pocus, Halloween … John Smith | FanFiction Afterall, fear is a delicate and wonderful thing that should be nurtured and worked softly... lovingly... No, Pitch decides to not do anything so obviously harmful to Jack Frost. Jack's Sister (Rise of the Guardians) - Works | Archive of Our